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I'll Second that: A Parliamentary Procedure Role-Playing Simulation

Simulation & Gaming , Volume 25 (4): 545 – Dec 1, 1994


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I'll Second that: A Parliamentary Procedure Role-Playing Simulation


Simulation/Game I'LL SECOND THAT: A Parliamentary Procedure Role-Playing Simulation Michael W. Kramer University of Missouri-Columbia KEYWORDS: decision-making procedures; meeting; parliamentary procedure. Basic data: Objectives: To familiarize participants with parliamentary procedure. Target audience: Students and adults interested in group meeting procedures. Playing time: Flexible, from 45 minutes to 75 minutes. Debriefing time: 10-15 minutes. Number of players: 20-36, although more could be added. Materials required: General handout, role slips, chair notes. Equipment/room setup required: None. Description This simulation allows participants to hold a mock meeting using parlia- mentary procedure. Participants work through a typical meeting of hearing reports and accepting them, and then handling old business and new business motions, amendments, and discussion. SECTION EDITOR'S NOTE: Two games, submitted within days of one another, are included in this issue and the September 1994 issue. They provide examples of very different gaming approaches to an otherwise tedious topic, leaming parliamentary procedure. One is a role-play, the other a board game. SIMULATION & GAMING, Vol. 25 No. 4, December 1994 545-550 1994 Sage Publications, Inc. 546 SIMULATION & GAMING / December 1994 Steps of Simulation 1. Have participants read about parliamentary procedure as preparation for this game. Many texts in organizational
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