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Guidelines for Manuscript Submission

Journal of Adolescent Research , Volume 21 (3): 319 – May 1, 2006


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Guidelines for Manuscript Submission


MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT RESEARCH / May 2006 GUIDELINES FOR MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION The JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT RESEARCH publishes articles on a wide range of topics that pertain to development during adolescence and emerging adult- hood. The emphasis of the journal is on publishing papers that combine qualitative and quantitative data or are solely qualitative. Papers with qualitative data should include excerpts that present the voices of adolescents. In order to be considered for review, papers must meet at least one of the following criteria: 1. Combine quantitative and qualitative data; 2. Take a systematic qualitative or ethnographic approach; 3. Use an original and creative methodological approach; 4. Address an important but rarely studied topic (this could include papers with strictly quantitative data); 5. Present new theoretical or conceptual ideas. In addition, all articles must show an awareness of the cultural context of the research questions asked, the population studied, and the results of the study. Each paper submitted MUST include a cover letter indicating how the paper meets at least one of these criteria and the cultural requirement. For more on the standards for publication in JAR see In addition to journal articles, Journal of Adolescent
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