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General Revenue Sharing: Leaving Out the Poor ... Again!


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General Revenue Sharing: Leaving Out the Poor ... Again!


CONTROVERSY in Public AdministrationGeneral Revenue Sharing: Leaving Out the Poor ... Again! SAGE Publications, Inc.1974DOI: 10.1177/027507407400800412 William B.Eimicke New York State Temporary State Commission on State and Local Finance "We come now to a proposal which I consider profoundly important to the future of our Federal system of shared responsibilities. When we speak of poverty or jobs or opportunity or making government more effective or getting it closer to the people, it brings us directly to the financial plight of our States and cities. "We can no longer have effective government at any level unless we have it at all levels. There is too much to be done for the cities to do it alone, for Washington to do it alone, or for the States to do it alone. "For a third of a century, power and responsibility have flowed toward Washington, and Washington has taken for its own the best source of revenue. "We intend to reverse this tide, and to turn back to the States a greater measure of responsibility - not as a way of avoiding problems, but as a better way of solving problems. "Along with this would go a share of Federal revenues.
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