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Medical Care Research and Review , Volume 20 (4): 172 – Apr 1, 1963


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Governmental Programs In OperationFederal SAGE Publications, Inc.1963DOI: 10.1177/107755876302000402 Veterans Administration Veterans Administration Press Release March 5, 1963 Increasing success in reducing the chronic mental patient load of Veterans Administration hospitals, through use of foster homes and other special placements in the community, was reported March 5 by John S. Gleason, Jr., Administrator of Veterans AflaJil' Almost 5,100 chronic psychiatric patients from VA hospltals s lived in foster homes, half-way houses, nursing homes, and other special placement homes in the community during 1962, accordlJ1g I to Mr. Gleason. This is a 25 percent increase over the number in 1961. These placement programs give the VA the equivalent of tell 500-bed mental hospitals and are providing more normal lives for patients than would be possible in the institutional environment °f the hospital. 1 Primary aim of the programs is to benefit the chronic mental patient who has no suitable home of his own to which he can return. But the secondary result is that thousands of VA hospltal beds are freed for care of acutely ill psychiatric patients for wl1otI1 hospitalization is necessary. jig,, of , VA mental patients in foster homes reached an all-time higl1 or l 3,241 during
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