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Evaluation of a School-Based Education Program to Promote Bicycle Safety

Health Promotion Practice , Volume 4 (2): 138 – Apr 1, 2003


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Evaluation of a School-Based Education Program to Promote Bicycle Safety


Of the 500,000 children in the United States who are injured in bicycle crashes annually, 252 die-97% of whom were not wearing a helmet. Although many intervention programs promote the use of helmets by children, a paucity of school-based evaluation studies exist that report students' knowledge retention or behavioral changes. The purposes of this study were to identify associations between student-reported knowledge of safety-related behaviors, reports of current safety-related practices, and students' participation in the Safety Central program while in the 4th grade. The sample consisted of 284 students currently enrolled in 5th and 6th grades. Findings showed a statistically significant association between participation in the Safety Central program and retention of knowledge and enactment of safety messages after a 1- and 2-year period. Motivators and barriers for helmet use were also identified. Implications for modifications to the content and delivery of the program and future evaluations are addressed.
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