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Group & Organization Management , Volume 32 (3): 259 – Jun 1, 2007


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Editorial Comment


Alison M.Konrad University of Western Ontario he lead article in this issue of Group & Organization Management (GOM) T b y Tjosvold and Su introduces the concept of constructive controversy into the emotion management literature. Constructive controversy is the open- minded discussion of opposing perspectives for mutual benefit. Based on diary surveys of 101 employees, the authors conclude that constructive controversy is a useful tool for maintaining good working relationships in the face of dif- ficult emotions. The second article by Scott and Colquitt tests whether individual differ- ence variables moderate the impact of organizational justice on several important behaviors. Findings indicate that exchange ideology, defined as an individual difference in adherence to the norm of reciprocity and the likeli- hood of reciprocating in an exchange relationship, was a significant moder- ator of the justice—outcome relationship. The narrowly focused individual difference of exchange ideology was also more impactful on this relation- ship than the broader Big Five variables were. The third article by Paré and Tremblay describes a study of high involve- ment human resource practices and their impact on information technology professionals. Data from 394 respondents showed that non-monetary recog- nition, competency development, fair rewards and information
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