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Early Adolescent Literature Reviews

The Journal of Early Adolescence , Volume 1 (2): 225 – May 1, 1981


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Early Adolescent Literature Reviews


Piers Pennington The GreatExplorers. New York: Facts on File, 1979. Pp. 336. $17.50. Anthony Feldman and Peter Ford Scientists andInventors. Facts on File, 1979. Pp. 336. $19.95. Reviewed by CANDACE B. WELLS Candace B. Wells is an Assistant Professor on Instructional Services at Wichita State University. She has classroom teaching experience as a secondary social studies teacher. During the last several years, social studies educators have become increasingly aware of the importance of viewing historical as well as current events from a global perspective. That is to say, it is wise for students to be able to evaluate situations from the standpoint of a citizen of the world community, not just as a citizen of a local, state, or national community. However, the reality is that most middle school youngsters remain only superflcially familiar with the concerns and cultures of the developing nations within the international setting. Early adolescents lack the awareness and understanding necessary to determine the reactions of and the reper- cussions for other nations when the United States makes foreign policy decisions. This lack of global thinking on the part of our young people is attributable, to some degree, to the nationalistic patterns established in
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