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Dr Raúl Usandivaras

Group Analysis , Volume 28 (2): 237 – Jun 1, 1995


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Dr Raúl Usandivaras


Obituaries Dr Raul Usandivaras Rautl Usandivaras, born 1924, died in Buenos Aires 12 November 1994. He was an Argentinian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and group analyst, well known locally and internationally. Usandivaras ('Buby' to his close friends) began working with groups in 1951 as a junior doctor at a psychiatric hospital in Buenos Aires under the guidance of Professor Eduardo Krapf. In the same year he started training analysis with Marie Langer, an emigree from Vienna. Group therapy was already practised in Argentina when Usandivaras began his career: his particular contribution was to introduce the Foulkesian model. In 1954 he was Founder Member and first President of the Argentinian Association of Group Psychology and Psychother- apy, intending it as an institution for the study of group analysis and the training of group analysts. In later years he felt that within the Association 'group analysis' had become more a 'psychoanalysis of relational configurations' and in 1982, when military dictatorship ceased, he set up his own informal network of groups with colleagues who came to his consulting room for training and discussion. In 1992 he approached the Overseas Subcommittee of the Institute of Group Analysis, London, with a view to formalizing this
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