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Donald E. Super (1910-1994)

The Counseling Psychologist , Volume 23 (2): 370 – Apr 1, 1995


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Donald E. Super (1910-1994)


Donald E. Super (1910-1994) Donald E. Super died in Savannah, Georgia, on June 21, 1994, at age 83. His biography and a description of his contributions to psychology and education are the topics of both his obituary in the American Psychologist (Savickas, in press) and his festschrift entitled From Vocational Guidance to Career Counseling: Essays in Honor of Donald E. Super (Savickas, 1994). Super's unparalleled contributions to counseling psychology during his 55 years as a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) are the focus of this article. Super's monumental contributions to counseling psychology can be the- matically extrapolated to fit three phases of his career. During the first phase (1932-1949), Super worked to bring the vocational guidance movement to full fruition. During the second phase (1950-1975), he prompted counseling psychology to move from vocational guidance to career counseling. During the third phase of his career (1976-1992), Super again prompted a redirection in counseling psychology, this time from career counseling to life planning. Currently, his innovative ideas about life planning sustain the career education movement and inform projects to update career counseling for the 21 st century. During the first phase of his career, Super's major contribution to
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