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Domestic violence and social work:The challenge to change

Critical Social Policy , Volume 17 (50): 53 – Feb 1, 1997


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Domestic violence and social work:The challenge to change


An overview of research studies from the 1980s and 1990s reveals social work's poor record in respect of domestic violence. Although widespread and consistent change is still lacking, there are moves in some quarters towards improvements which, taken together, can provide a useful model of good practice. Key policy initiatives include the introduction of guide lines, the collection of relevant statistics, training and interagency liai son. At the practice level, there are pointers towards effective intervention in every aspect of community care and child care. In both these broad spheres, social services departments are now required to draw up plans outlining how they intend to meet the needs they identify in their areas. The needs of women experiencing abuse, and those of their children, should arguably be firmly on these agendas.
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