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Developing The Great Eight Competencies with Leaderless Group Discussion

Journal of Management Education , Volume 33 (5): 596 – Oct 1, 2009


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Developing The Great Eight Competencies with Leaderless Group Discussion


The Great Eight competencies are work behaviors that promote employee effectiveness in 21st-century organizations. These competencies include enterprising and performing, adapting and coping, organizing and executing, creating and conceptualizing, analyzing and interpreting, interacting and presenting, supporting and cooperating, and leading and deciding. This article proposes an alternative pedagogy, leaderless group discussion, for developing the Great Eight competencies in business students. An example and a roadmap are also provided that show how leaderless group discussion can be employed in the college classroom. Leaderless group discussion is surprisingly efficient in that all of the Great Eight competencies can be developed within the student at the same time with one exercise. Recommendations to help make leaderless group discussion practical for the business classroom are discussed.
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