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DEC Announcements

Young Exceptional Children , Volume 12 (2): 39 – Mar 1, 2009


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DEC Announcements


Resources Within Reason Petra Kern, MT-BVM, MT-BC, MTA State University of New York at New Paltz Camille Catlett, MA Pam Winton, PhD FPG Child Development Institute A place to discover good, inexpensive materials for providing effective services to young children and their families. YEC needs. A free sampler CD, containing one full-length song from each of the nine Tuned In to Learning volumes, is available at the Web site. Music is a natural way for children to explore the world and to interact with their social environment. It can motivate and encourage young children's learning and development during daily transitions and routines. This column features resources on incorporating music into young children's routines. Songs and Laughter on the Playground Petra Kern and Angela M. Snell (2007) The 17 goal-oriented songs in this book support outdoor play for children with and without disabilities. Text accompanying each song offers connections between the music and learning opportunities (e.g., songs can teach names). All songs have been created in clinical practice settings and sung many times by children, teachers, and therapists. Strategies for successful implementation and suggestions for different ability levels are included. DeLaVista Publisher Cost: $18.95 at a young
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