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Curriculum Adaptation:A Five-Step Process for Classroom Implementation

Intervention in School and Clinic , Volume 25 (4): 407 – Mar 1, 1990


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Curriculum Adaptation:A Five-Step Process for Classroom Implementation


Curriculum Adaptation: a Five-Step Process for Classroom Implementation John J. Hoover Offers a systematic five-step process for implementing curricular adaptations in the classroom. Recent calls for increased education for students with special learning needs in general and special education classrooms, greater teacher accountability, and curricular mandates challenge even the most experienced educator in the overall process of curriculum implementation. Specifically, various state-or district-level man- dates pertaining to curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation have emerged in recent years. At the classroom level, teaching practices related to curriculum implementation must be carried out within the parameters established by these mandates. One option available to educators to assist in meeting the various curriculum implementation demands is the practice of adapting curriculum. The need to adapt or modify curriculum in today's classrooms is currently widespread and involves care- ful teacher decision making. Various elements of the total curric- ulum implementation process may be affected when curricular adaptations are implemented. In order to effectively implement curriculum, which includes appropriate adaptations, the proper March 1990 selection of the specific curricular elements that must be adapted IS necessary. Curriculum Elements In reference to elements within the total curriculum, Hoover (1988) and Hoover and Collier (1986)
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