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Cruising the Truckers:Sexual Encounters in a Highway Rest Area

Journal of Contemporary Ethnography , Volume 6 (2): 171 – Jan 1, 1977


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Cruising the Truckers:Sexual Encounters in a Highway Rest Area


171 Cruising the TruckersSexual Encounters in a Highway Rest Area SAGE Publications, Inc.1977DOI: 10.1177/089124167700600203 Jay Corzine Washington University Richard Kirby Washington University ON THE FRINGE of conventional society are social networks or institutions which have been termed "sexual market- places." As defined by Hooker (1967:175), they are places "where agreements are made for the potential exchange of sexual services, for sex without obligation or commitment-the 'one night stand'." In this paper, we report an ethnographic study of the encounters which occur in one such marketplace. Our primary focus is on how the setting and rules of behavior which shape interaction allow participants to develop short term sexual relationships while avoiding the consequences of participating in activities stigmatized by the larger society. Although mutual affection, as well as marriage, is now widely accepted asia basis for sexual relationship (Gagnon and Simon, AUTHORS' NOTE: This is a revised version of a paper read at the 1976 meeting of the Midwest Sociological Society in St. Louis. We would like to thank David Pittman, Murray Wax, Rosalie Wax, and Marvin Cummins for helpful criticisms and suggestions. The names of persons and places appearing in this paper are pseudonyms. 1973; Petras, 1973), sexual
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