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Lighting Research & Technology , Volume 27 (2): 121 – Jun 1, 1995


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Corrigendum SAGE Publications, Inc.1995DOI: 10.1177/14771535950270020701 Elimination of arc curvature by standing radial acoustic waves The authors' proof of the above paper(') was returned after the deadline for the relevant journal issue. The authors have requested the following corrigenda. On page 21, section 5.2, second paragraph, the first sentence should read: 'The temperatures of the arc core were determined by a modified Bartels method from the ratio of an optical thin line (Hg 577/579 nm) to the peak radiance of an optical thick line (Hg 546 nm) and in the flanks radially outward to about 1.5 mm from the 546 nm Hg line.' On page 23, left-hand column, first paragraph: in lines 5 and 11, 'versus' should read 'or'. The caption of Figure 9 should read as follows: Figure 9 Temperature profile as experimentally determined at the time of maximum emission The caption of Figure 13 should read as follows: Figure 13 Frequency spectrum of acoustic amplitudes Several of the equations in the Appendices should be corrected as follows: Throughout Appendix 2, 'temperature elevation' should read 'temperature variation'. Page 25, right-hand column, 15 lines from the bottom should read: . 'Given the data of the HQI-TS 70 W/WDL lamp:'
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