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Conference Calendar

Conference Calendar


THE JOURNAL OFSPECIALEDUCATION VOL.24/NO.1 /1990125 Conference Calendar April19-21,19905th PanAmerican Conferenceon Rehabilitationand Special EducationSouth Padre Island,TexasContact: JulianCastillo,DivisionofHealthRelatedProfessions,PanAmericanUniversity,NursingEducation Bldg., #228-A, Edinburg, TX78539 Annual ConferenceAnn Arbor, MichiganContact:AnnSaffer,2340Hickman Rd.,AnnArbor, MI48105; 3131994.8168 ConventionToronto, Ontario, CanadaContact: CEC,1920 AssociationDr.,Reston, VA22091-1589; 7031620-3660 Lincoln,MassachusettsContact:BarbaraC.Boger, Director, The CarrollSchool OutreachProgram, BakerBridgeRd., Lincoln,MA01773; April23-24,1990Michigan AssociationofInfantMental Health,14th April23-27,1990Council for Exceptional Children, 68th Annual April27,1990Effective Instructionfor Learning DisabledStudents 61 71259-8342April27-28,1990The Child'sEye, Face,& Brain:Normaland Abnormal DevelopmentHouston, TexasContact: LilaK.Lerner, Office ofContinuing Education, BaylorCollege of Medicine,One BaylorPlaza,Houston, TX 77030; 7131798-6020 April27-28,1990Treatment ofChildhood Disorders, Universityof MinnesotaConferenceSan Diego,CaliforniaContact: Trisha Tatam,Universityof Minnesota,204NolteCenter, 315 Pillsbury Dr.SE,Minneapolis,MN55455; 6121625-3369 April28,1990Cognitive-BehavioralApproachesto Treating Childrenand Adolescents,University ofMinnesotaConferencePhoenix, ArizonaContact: Trisha Tatam, UniversityofMinnesota,204NolteCenter, 315PillsburyDr. SE, Minneapolis,MN55455; 6121625-3369 May3-4,1990InternationalCongress on TreatmentofMental Illnessand BehavioralDisorder in Mentally Retarded PersonsAmsterdam,The NetherlandsContact:PAOS, PO Box325, 2300 AHLeiden,The Netherlands; (0)71-278027 May3-6,1990The American Academy ofPrivate Practice in Speech Pathology and AudiologyHouston, TexasContact: R.RayBattin,7131621-3072 May4-6,1990The DisturbedandDisturbing Child, University of MinnesotaConferenceLong Beach,CaliforniaContact: TrishaTatam,Universityof Minnesota,204NolteCenter, 315 PillsburyDr. SE,Minneapolis, MN55455; 6121625-3369 Atlanta, GeorgiaContact: IRA,800 BarksdaleRd., PO Box8129, Newark,May6- 10, 1990 . International Reading Association,Annual Conference DE19714-8139; 3021731-1600May27-31,1990AmericanAssociationon MentalRetardation,Annual ConferenceAtlanta,GeorgiaContact:1719 KaloramaRd.,NW,Washington, DC20009; 2021387-1968 126THE JOURNAL OFSPECIALEDUCATION VOL.24/NO.1/1990 June15- 17,1990Integration-EuropeanPerspectives and Practice Dublin, IrelandContact: Irish Associationof Teachers in SpecialEducation,Teachers Centre, Drumcondra, Dublin9 Ireland June22-24,1990AD-HD:Assessment and Treatment, University of Minnesota ConferenceSan Antonio, TexasContact:Trisha Tatam,Universityof Minnesota,204NolteCenter, 315 PillsburyDr. SE,Minnesota,MN55455; 6121625-3369 Developmental Approach
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