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Chronicle of the Institute:IIAS, its Sections and Members


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Chronicle of the Institute:IIAS, its Sections and Members


Chronicle of the InstituteIIAS, its Sections and Members SAGE Publications, Inc.1968DOI: 10.1177/002085236803400213 New Member States Ireland and Malta have now joined the Institute, bringing the number of Member States up to 45 : 11 in Africa, 4 in America, 8 in Asia, and 22 in Europe. Finnish National Section The new General Committee of the Section is as follows : Chairman : Mr. Olavi Rytkola. Vice-Chairman : Mr. Jaakko Uotila. Members : Mr. Paavo Aarnio, Mr. Seppo Salminen, and Mr. Aarne Nuorvala. Auditors : Mr. Tauno Niklander and Mr. Olli Ikkala. Assistant Auditors : Mr. Erkki Rankama and Mr. Ingvar S. Melin. Secretary : Mr. Tappio Takki. German National Section A meeting for the study of " Aspects and Experiences in Planning in the Modern State " was organized at Hamburg, from 28 to 30 June 1967, by the German National Section. It took the form of a regional collo- quium similar to that organized by the Belgian Institute of Administrative Sciences in 1964 on the " Exercise of Disciplinary Authority in Central Government Services of the Common Market Countries ". IIAS was represented by Mr. F. Vrancken, Treasurer, and Mr. Moureau, Vice-President. In his address of welcome
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