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Childhood Sexual Abuse and Dating Experiences of Undergraduate Women

Child Maltreatment , Volume 5 (1): 39 – Feb 1, 2000


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Childhood Sexual Abuse and Dating Experiences of Undergraduate Women


Child sexual abuse is a prevalent social problem with a variety of negative consequences for adult survivors. Whereas most studies have focused on intrapersonal effects including depressive symptomatology and post-traumatic stress disorder, recent work has begun to call attention to interpersonal results as well. The current study examined the relationship between the experience of childhood sexual abuse and being a victim of psychological aggression, physical violence, or sexual coercion in a dating relationship in the past year. Participants were 219 female college undergraduates. Child sexual abuse was significantly related to having experienced both physical and psychological dating aggression even after controlling for the presence of conflict in the family of origin. Child sexual abuse was not significantly related to sexual coercion or reports of silencing oneself in relationships.
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