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Chairman's Notes

Probation Journal , Volume 5 (7): 85 – Jan 1, 1947


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Chairman's Notes


Chairman's Notes SAGE Publications, Inc.1947DOI: 10.1177/026455054700500701 'PROBATION The Journal of the National Association of Probation Officers and the Clare Hall Fellowship Perhaps the Newness has a little worn off the Year by now, but I trust it is not too late to express sincere good wishes to all members, and to suggest a resolution. If I say simply that I wish happiness and success to all of us in the New Year, it is in the knowledge that the words will not be misunderstood. So long as the success we seek is the greater success of our work, so long as we try to ensure it by using every means in our power to make the most of such opportunities of service as come our way, then we shall not have to seek far for happiness. It may be that this year will bring to us, generally or individually, some new fields of service. If not, perhaps there may yet be scope for greater "success" in the old ones: that is a matter for each of us personally to consider. * * * Perhaps it sounds as though the promised "resolution" for the New Year has already been
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