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Bulletin Board

Environment & Urbanization , Volume 5 (2): 212 – Oct 1, 1993


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Bulletin Board


Bulletin Board 1. Participatory methods and techniques for use in urban areas 11. Urban poverty and the CROP initiative 11l. Themes for future issues IV. Healthy cities; healthy communities - an update V. Eco Urbs '93 Vl. Additional reading on funding community level initiatives BULLETIN BOARD 1. PARTICIPATORY METHODS AND TECHNIQUES FOR USE IN URBAN AREAS A CALL FOR papers: Many readers have asked us to publish more on participatory methods and techniques for use by NGOs, government bodies or other external agencies in working with low-income groups. As our first response, we are collaborating with IIED's Sustainable Agriculture Programme (who have worked for many years on "participatory enquiry" in rural areas) to prepare a special issue of their publi- cation RRA Notes on the use of participatory inquiry in urban areas. We invite groups and individuals using participatory research and development approaches in urban areas to send us papers describing and analyzng their experi- ences. This can include already published papers. Participatory Inquiry: A Primer: Participa- tory research and development approaches are dynamic and flexible ways of gathering informa- tion about, with, and by local people and their own conditions and livelihoods. During the late 1970s and
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