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Book Reviews : Theological Word Study

The Expository Times , Volume 97 (4): 117 – Jan 1, 1986


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Book Reviews : Theological Word Study


Book ReviewsTheological Word Study SAGE Publications, Inc.1986DOI: 10.1177/001452468609700411 John Eaton Bo Johnson, of Lund University, has written in Swedish a study of 'righteousness' in the Bible: Rdttfdrdigheten i Bibeln (Fbrlagshuset Gothia, Goteborg ( 1985 J, n.p., pp. 135, ISBN 91-7728-194-2). This orderly work begins with a chapter tracing the concept in European theology back to the Septuagint and the Hebrew Bible. The second chapter surveys modern debate, relating in turn to the Old Testament, Qumran texts, the New Testament, and Judaism. In the third chapter Old Testament usage is examined by reference to words frequently linked with `righteousness', and then the derivative forms of the Hebrew root are discussed in turn. The fourth chapter treats the functioning of righteousness in regard to covenant, law, rconciliation, and suffering as a test. A fifth chapter gives an overall conclusion, followed by some three pages summarizing the book in English. This is a valuable and balanced discussion, though by no means exhaustive. The 'righteous' God is especially the saviour, and the 'righteous' person is one in fellowship with him. The covenant gives form to this fellowship, while the law also manifests God's righteousness and serves to express the prior relationship. God
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