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Book Reviews : Relations with China. Evan Luard. Chatto and Windus. 25/-. Leadership in Communist China. Arthur Wilbur Lewis. Cornell. 40/-. Symposium on Economics and Social Problems of the Far East. Edited by E. F. Szczepanik. Hong Kong University Press, London, Oxford University Press. 80/-. Communist China, 1955-1959. Policy Documents with Analyses. Foreword by Robert R. Bowerie and John K. Fairbank. Harvard University Press, London, Oxford University Press. 80/-. The Centre of the World. Robert S. Elegant. Meuthen. 42/-. The Other Side of the River: Red China Today. Edgar Snow. Gollancz. 63/-. Escape from Red China. Robert Loh and Humphrey Evans. Michael Joseph. 25/-

International Relations , Volume 2 (8) – Oct 1, 1963


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