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Book Reviews

Western Journal of Nursing Research , Volume 5 (4): 390 – Nov 1, 1983


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Book Reviews


Western Journal of Nursing Research Brown, Barbara and Chinn, Peggy. Nursing Education: Practical Methods and Models. Rockville, Maryland: Aspen Systems Corporation, 1982.297 pp., $27.50 The systematic and creative portrayal of the innovative approaches to nursing education is the ambitious goal of this book that presents a collection of articles compiled by the editors of Nursing Administration Quarterly and Advances in Nursing Science. In the foreword Brown indicates that the selec- tions in this volume "focus on both the nursing education and nursing service points of view and are intended to help nursing move toward unification." In the preface Chinn indicates that the purpose of the volume is to present a compila- tion of articles from current nursing literature that address some of the problems of nursing education, and views and research that might assist in making decisions that affect nursing education programs. In view of the stated goals of this book, it is interesting to review the organiza- tion and selection of the articles. There are eighteen articles divided into four sections. The first section describes curriculum and teaching approaches. The first two articles are the two research reports included in the volume-one describes the use of modularized
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