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Book Review: Tourism Development and Growth: The Challenge Of Sustainability

Tourist Studies , Volume 1 (2): 200 – Nov 1, 2001


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Book Review: Tourism Development and Growth: The Challenge Of Sustainability


themes of his final conclusions, which reflect the direction he believes principled ecotourism practices should take. As I have indicated earlier, there is much here that is as applicable to tourism in general as there is to ecotourism in particular and the book is to be recommended to this wider audience as well as to those with an interest in and commitment to this particular aspect of tourism activity. jonathan edwards, Bournemouth University, UK Tourism Development and Growth: The Challenge Of Sustainability by Salah Wahab and John J. Pigram (eds). London: Routledge, 2000 (reprint of 1997 edn). 320 pp. ISBN 0-415-16002-2. The need for the original issue of this book, according to the editors, arose from the need for a thorough assessment of parameters of sustainability and the implications for sustainability on tourism development. Though there is the recognition that much exists in the field already, the book is presented from the perspective of offer- ing a range of views in the context of tourism as a global phenomenon. The book presents 16 chapters in five sections. However, Sections 1 and 5 are represented by single chapters from the editors,which act as'bookends'to introduce and conclude the book.The three
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