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Book Review: Modelling frequency and count data

Statistical Methods in Medical Research , Volume 7 (3): 321 – Jun 1, 1998


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Book Review: Modelling frequency and count data


Book reviews 321 with a number of examples of how error measure- ment can be done better and be more effectively reflected in data analysis. Most of the chapters are such that a person with a general statistical background can readily absorb what is being said. However, the papers in the last section on estimation will quickly lose anyone whose statistical background is not very strong. For someone who wants to learn how to do survey research, or actually carry out some kind of survey, there is not much practical help in this book; it is not a book for beginners. On the other hand, it is a very valuable collection for those actively engaged in survey research. There are some things in the book that are hard to find anywhere else. The effort to review what we know and why we care about how to carry out various steps in the survey process constitutes the foundation of essentially all the papers here. Very few people would be interested in reading all the papers in this book. However, few people who are concerned with survey methodol- ogy, no matter how broad their knowledge, would not find some chapters
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