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Book Notes

Journal of Peace Research , Volume 32 (3): 375 – Aug 1, 1995


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Book Notes


Book Notes 375 field. Contributions to this sixth volume are devoted to examining the problems that have long affected African Americans. The studies are conducted at four major levels: the community power level; levels relating to aspects of political economy; as issues in academe; and at the inter- stices of law and society. All the contributors are based at US universities. The book ranges over such familiar issues as the interconnection of race and social class; differential access to wealth, status and power between blacks and whites; racial discrimination under the law; sense of mar- ginality, powerlessness and isolation felt by dis- advantaged groups, including the poor and women; the problems of youth; and all the social pathologies that accompany these. The articles are mostly empirical case studies at the micro level using social science tools, including struc- tured and unstructured interviews and statistical techniques, for their data sources and methods of analysis. One of the few exceptions is Charles V. Willie's chapter on 'Caste, Class and Family Life Chances', which, theoretical in nature, is perhaps also one of the most interesting. But conspicu- ously missing from the collection is the politics of it all. Nor does the
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