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Blue Cross-Blue Shield

Medical Care Research and Review , Volume 19 (5): 246 – May 1, 1962


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Blue Cross-Blue Shield


Prepayment PlansBlue Cross-Blue Shield SAGE Publications, Inc.1962DOI: 10.1177/107755876201900503 National Programs for Aged ' American College of Radiology Press Release March 20, 1962 The American College of Radiology has protested a proposal by the national Blue Cross Association to pay for radiology and other physicians care for the aged as part of its new hospital coverage program.* In a letter to Walter J. McNerney, president of the Blue Cross Association, ACR Board Chairman Dr. T. J. Wachowski of Wheaton, Illinois, specifically requested that the Blue Cross exclude medical services from the contracts for the aged to be written by its member plans. Blue Cross proposed to cover the services of radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists and possibly other physicians and to make payment to the hospitals for these services. "The inclusion of medical services in a Blue Cross contract, particularly one of this significance, perpetuates and magnifies a major dispute currently existing between physicians and hospitals. Physicians and all medical organizations oppose and resent the hiring of physicians by hospitals with a resale of the services of these doctors for medical fees, whether such fees are paid directly by patients or thru the medium of prepayment or insurance," Dr. Wachowski said.
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