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Behind the Bars of Music in City Jail

Music Educators Journal , Volume 44 (4): 77 – Feb 3, 1958


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Behind the Bars of Music in City Jail


might provide the accompanimentfor the rhythm orchestra with the triangles playing on the first theme and the drums and tamborines or some other combination playing on the second theme. The children have to listen to know when to come in. With this experience, they learn to recognize ABA forms at an early age. All these checks of reaction are fun for the children and make music listening a joy for all. -RUTH BAMPTON, director of music, JUST Polytechnic School, Pasadena, Calif. [Polytechnic for children of nursery school age through the ninth grade, recently observed its fiftieth anniversary. Headmaster is Willis Stork. Miss Bampton, now in her fifteenth year at the school, is known also as a composer, author, organist and choral director. Prior to going to Pasadena, she was associate professor of music at Beaver Col Pa.] lege, Jenkintown, School, an independent day school OFF THE PRESS violin first new The really complete catalogue forVIOLINS, CELLOS BASSES, VIOLAS, and accessories. their and related This thirtytwo page catalogueis a perfectguide for everymusic educator. Hermann Lowendall, violinlines of G. A. Pfretzchner, The complete Andreas Morelli (sold throughleadingmusicstores G. F. Heberlein, only) contactyour dealer for an advancecopy or write direct tot
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