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Answer to Diagnostic Challenge:Carotid body tumor

Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography , Volume 18 (2): 111 – Mar 1, 2002


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Answer to Diagnostic Challenge:Carotid body tumor


ANSWER TO DIAGNOSTIC CHALLENGE 111 ANSWER TO DIAGNOSTIC CHALLENGE Answer to Diagnostic Challenge Carotid body tumor The normal carotid body is a tiny ovoid structure 1 1.5 mm in size located in the adventitia of the carotid bifurcation. The function of the carotid body is not well understood, but it is a component of the autonomic nervous system that participates in the control of arterial pH, blood gas levels, and blood pressure.1 This examination demonstrated a highly vascular mass in the "crotch" of the carotid bifurcation measuring 2.7 cm in its widest transverse dimension. Although the malignant potential of carotid body tumors is small, resection is the standard therapy to prevent local adverse effects, such as laryngeal nerve palsy and invasion of the carotid arteries. Local recurrence occurs in 6% of cases and distant metastasis in 2% of cases.2
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