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An Evaluation of the First Public Health Service Primary Care Policy Fellowship

Evaluation & the Health Professions , Volume 16 (1): 61 – Mar 1, 1993


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An Evaluation of the First Public Health Service Primary Care Policy Fellowship


In June 1991, the U.S. Public Health Service sponsored a 3-week Primary Care Policy Fellowship to establish an interdisciplinary cadre of primary care leaders. The fellowship was designed to introduce senior-level practitioners, academicians, researchers, and adrninistrators to the dynamics of primary care policy development, the legislative process, and resource identification. An evaluation was conducted to determine expectations and reasons whyfellows participated in the fellowship, analyze the degree ofperceived learning, identify the sessions of most value, and describe the personal goals achieved by thefellows relating to their future leadership responsibilities in primary care. The 18 fellows most highly valued the networking across primary care disciplines, the sessions with constituency groups, and discussions about influencing decision makers. The leadership skills development activities particularly met their expectations. Theirskills were improved in identifying ways to influence policymakers, in locating resources for primary care research, and in networking with primary care leaders.
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