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Currents in Biblical Research , Volume 9 (1): 7 – Oct 1, 2010


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Abbreviations SAGE Publications, Inc. 201010.1177/1476993X10374403 © The Author(s) The Author(s) AB Anchor Bible DOI: 10.1177/1476993X10374403 AB Anchor Bible Dictionary ABD Anchor Bible Dictionary(StQAPF AGJU Arbeiten zur Geschichte des antiken ^OMijt Judentums und des Urchristentums AmQ American Quarterly AnBib Anelecta biblica BI Biblical Interpretation Bib Tod Bible Today BibInt Biblical Interpretation BibIntSer Biblical Interpretation Series BTB Biblical Theology Bulletin CBQ Catholic Biblical Quarterly CBR Currents in Biblical Research CRBR Critical Review of Books in Religion DSD Dead Sea Discoveries EvTh Evangelische Theologie ExpTim Expository Times FCB A Feminist Companion to the Bible FemTh Feminist Theology FRLANT Forschungen zur Religion und Literatur des Alten und Neuen Testaments HeyJ Heythrop Journal HS Hebrew Studies HTR Harvard Theological Review ICC International Critical Commentary JAAR Journal of the American Academy of Religion JBL Journal of Biblical Literature JBTh Jahrbuch fur biblische Theologie JBV Journal of Beliefs and Values JES Journal of Ecumenical Studies JETS Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society JFSR Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion JJS Journal of Jewish Studies JR Journal of Religion JSHJ Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus JSJ Journal for the Study of Judaism in the Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman Periods JSNT Journal for
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