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A Generic and Synchronous Ontology-based Architecture for Collaborative Design

Concurrent Engineering , Volume 18 (1): 65 – Mar 1, 2010


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A Generic and Synchronous Ontology-based Architecture for Collaborative Design


Today’s complex design projects require teams of designers to come together to facilitate the sharing of their respective expertise in order to produce effective design solutions. Due to the increasing need for exchanging knowledge, modern design projects are even more structured to work with virtual distributed teams that collaborate over computer networks to achieve global optima in design. This article presents an architecture where collaborative design is synchronously and generically achieved. That is, where particular representation models are transformed into ontology instances and merged together in order to accomplish the final product design. It is a synchronous approach because the merging process is undertaken at the same time that interaction among designers takes place. As supporting technologies, Web Ontology Language and Web Services are used to implement such an architecture.
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