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Mental Hygiene. The Psychology of Personal Adjustment

Journal of Consulting Psychology , Volume 9 (2): 123 – Mar 1, 1945


American Association for Applied Psychology
Copyright © 1945 by American Psychological Association
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Mental Hygiene. The Psychology of Personal Adjustment


Reviews the book, by D. B. Klein . In the introductory chapter, the point of view of the author regarding the goal of mental hygiene is expressed in a revision of an old maxim to read: a sound mind in a sound body in a sound society (page 17). In connection with the discussion of environmental factors in mental hygiene the author is to be greatly commended for devoting so large a portion of his book to the economic prerequisites for mental health. One of the major limitations of the book is the omission of more recent points of view toward mental hygiene which are found in the studies of the causative influence of human relationship in mental aberration. The author seems to place too much confidence in literary prescription in the treatment of mental maladjustment, in what the individual may read or be told. Too little recognition is expressed of the need for adequate human relationship in the treatment of maladjustment.
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