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Journal of Consulting Psychology , Volume 9 (1): 64 – Jan 1, 1945


American Association for Applied Psychology
Copyright © 1945 by American Psychological Association
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It has come to the attention of the Committee on Professional Relations with Social Workers, A.A.A.P., from various sources over a period of years, that there is much variety in conduct on the part of psychologists who work for and with social workers and social agencies. Some of these variations are such that in course of time confusion will be set up in the minds of social workers, and, indeed, in many instances, this confusion already exists as to what to expect from psychologists. The relationship as a whole between the professions will suffer. The Committee is now in process of considering plans by which this confusion may best be avoided. Meantime, they would be assisted in this work by information and suggestions from the membership of A.A.A.P. and would gratefully accept any such information or suggestion which could be forwarded to the Chairman of the Committee, by whom it will be circularized among the other members of the Committee. There follows a list of problems which have already been brought to the attention of the Committee through the actual experience of psychologists working among social workers.
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