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Cholinergic blockade, septal lesions, and DRL performance in the rat


American Psychological Association
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Cholinergic blockade, septal lesions, and DRL performance in the rat


Reports 4 experiments with a total of 20 male Long-Evans hooded rats describing the effects of cholinergic blockade produced by systemic injection of either atropine sulfate or atropine methyl nitrate on Ss' differential reinforcement of low rate (DRL) responding. It was shown that atropine sulfate injected either chronically or at high dosages suppressed DRL responding. Injected acutely, atropine sulfate produced disinhibitory effects. When atropine was injected either chronically or acutely into Ss with septal lesions, there was suppression of responding. It is suggested that the specific behavioral outcome resulting from cholinergic blockade depends on the balance resulting from the competing peripheral and central effects of such blockade. (27 ref)
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