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Aptitude Test for Elementary School Teachers-In-Training

Journal of Consulting Psychology , Volume 12 (1): 62 – Jan 1, 1948


American Psychological Association
Copyright © 1948 by American Psychological Association
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Aptitude Test for Elementary School Teachers-In-Training


Reviews the test, by H. Bowers (1946). This is an unorthodox and interesting approach to the preselection of students for teacher training. Parts I-V consist of 76 attitude-interest questionnaire items selected from hundreds, against the empirical criterion of success in practice teaching. Part VI is a systematic rating of the pooled evaluation of four judges who listen to a short oral presentation made by the applicant before a class. Part VII is a computation of high school percentile, applicable in Ontario only. The 47-page mimeographed manual gives directions and an account of the considerable amount of research underlying the test. Specific test information: Normal School Applicants (Canada). 1 form. Parts I-V, (40) min.; Part VI, Rating of performance. Part VIII, High School percentile. Test forms, manual.
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