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An Adaptation of the Principle of Redintegration

Journal of Educational Psychology , Volume 19 (4): 281 – Apr 1, 1928


Warwick & York
Copyright © 1928 by American Psychological Association
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An Adaptation of the Principle of Redintegration


Reviews "Psychology: The Science of Mental Activity," by F. H. Lund. This text is, as far as the reviewer is aware, the first attempt to adapt the principle of redintegration as advocated by Hollingworth with the reaction hypothesis as interpreted by Woodworth. The chapter headings are largely in accord with respectable tradition, the only exception being the addition of a chapter on belief and confidence--topics which the author has investigated. The thought activities and the physiological foundations of behavior are here treated more thoroughly and comprehensively than is customary. A feature which surprised the reviewer is the teleological classification of instincts. While the book does not contain leisurely illustrative materials, the author proves to be a competent organizer and fairly lucid expositor of the known facts of psychology.
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