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Three months in prospect

Trusts & Trustees , Volume 15 (7) – Sep 1, 2009


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Three months in prospect


Trusts & Trustees, Vol. 15, No. 7, September 2009 More details and web-links for each item are set out in the In Prospect Calendar section of the Trusts & Trustees website; the web version of the calendar also looks further ahead. September 2009 3 September – ‘AGM Luncheon & ‘‘Views from the Chair of STEP Worldwide’’ ’, STEP Event (Geneva, Switzerland) 8 September – ‘Investment Consultants – A Trustees’ Ultimate Risk Investment Solution’, STEP Event (Jersey, Channel Islands) 9 September – ‘Trusts & Capital Tax Planning Update’, STEP Event (Exeter, UK) 11 September – ‘World Class Finance Interchange’, HFMA Event (tbc, UK) 15 September – ‘Immobilieninvestments in Frankreich (Real Investment in France)’, STEP Event (Basel, Switzerland) 15 September – ‘An Introduction to Trusts’, STEP Event (Basel, Switzerland) 15 September – ‘Grant Thornton – Tax Investigation’ (tbc, Yorkshire, UK) 15 September – ‘Trust and Estate Department in an Economic Recession’, STEP Event (London, UK) 17 September – ‘IFRS 2009 Update’, IIR Conference (London, UK) 17 September – ‘Student/Refresher Programme: Trust Accounts’, STEP Event (Edinburgh, UK) 23 September – ‘Insurance & Annuities for Private Clients’, IIR Conference (London, UK) 23 September – ‘Enterprise Wide Risk Management’, IIR Event (London,
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