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The growth of bioinformatics

Briefings in Bioinformatics , Volume 8 (2): 69 – Mar 1, 2007


Oxford University Press
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The growth of bioinformatics


The growth of bioinformatics Briefings in Bioinformatics , or BiB for short, will celebrate its 7th anniversary this year. The journal's mission has remained unchanged throughout this period: we are committed to disseminating knowledge on databases and computational tools for life sciences through review articles. During its history, some 250 articles have been published and they have been cited more than 2700 times, making BiB the premier bioinformatics journal using the per-article citation impact measure. The common theme for this issue is the cross-disciplinary nature of bioinformatics and the proliferation of bioinformatics into new areas of life sciences. This issue brings six outstanding reviews that collectively demonstrate the broad outreach of bioinformatics. Perez-Iratxeta, Andrade-Navarro and Wren performed a meta-analysis of abstracts published in MEDLINE and abstracts of NIH-funded project grants to determine the growth and spread of computational approaches across the various subfields of biomedicine during the past 30 years. They explore three major bioinformatics concepts: computation, the Internet and databases. Their analysis of MeSH terms indicate the major areas of … Full Text of this Article
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