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Special Issue in Economic History

Oxford Economic Papers , Volume 57 (2) – Apr 1, 2005


Oxford University Press
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Special Issue in Economic History


Oxford University Press 2005 All rights reserved Oxford Economic Papers 57 (2005), 369–369 369 doi:10.1093/oep/gpi028 CALL FOR PAPERS The Editors of Oxford Economic Papers invite submissions for a Special Issue of the journal entitled New Perspectives in Economic History, to be edited by Nicholas Dimsdale (Oxford), Albrecht Ritschl (Humboldt), and Mark Thomas (Virginia). The aim is to attract submissions both in new areas of the subject, such as the New Institutional Economics, and in traditional areas where authors demonstrate new insights or apply new techniques. Papers should be of interest to economists and will be predominantly, but not exclusively, quantitative. Submissions (six copies) should be sent to the journal by 15 December 2005 with a view to publication in April 2007. The normal refereeing processes will apply. Please address all submissions to: The Editorial Secretary Oxford Economic Papers Special Issue in Economic History Department of Economics Manor Road Building Manor Road Oxford OX1 3UQ
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