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Review: Extensive Reading Activities for Language Teaching

ELT Journal , Volume 59 (4) – Oct 1, 2005


Oxford University Press
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Review: Extensive Reading Activities for Language Teaching


Long, M. 1988. ‘Instructed interlanguage development’ in L. Beebe (ed.). Issues in Second Language Acquisition: Multiple Perspectives. New York: Newbury House. Master, P. 1996. Systems in English Grammar. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall Regents. Sinclair, J. M. 1991. Corpus, Concordance, Collocations. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Widdowson, H. G. 1989. ‘Knowledge of language and ability of use’. Applied Linguistics 10: 128–37. Yule, G. 1998. Explaining English Grammar. Oxford: Oxford University Press. The reviewer Moya Brennan trains teachers for the TESL Certificate Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara Extension. She has worked in Uganda, the Far East, Europe, and the USA. She has published SciTech, How to Apply to American Colleges and Universities, In Charge, and a number of teacher manuals. Her special interests are ESP, distance learning and teacher education. She has also worked for examination boards in the UK, Hong Kong and the US, and as an evaluator of programs, projects, and materials. Email: doi:10.1093/elt/cci067 Extensive Reading Activities for Language Teaching J. Bamford and R. Day (eds). Cambridge University Press 2004, 220 pp., £14.70 isbn 0 521 01651 7 Interest in extensive reading seems to be enjoying a resurgence of interest. Following the extremely useful
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