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BY THEODORE C. ERICKSON. (Montreal.) THE term neurogenic hyperthermia is often used indiscriminately when there is disease of the central nervous system associated with an elevated temperature. For this reason it is desirable to clarify the syndrome of neurogenic hyperthermia and to answer certain questions. If there be such an entity as neurogenic hyperthermia what are its anatomical and physiological substrata, what are its clinical features, and what is its treatment ? Descriptions of hyperthermia following brain operations have been given by Kornblum (1925), Cushing (1932), and Gagel (1936). Since the only criterion which these discussions have in common is the fact that the patient had a high temperature, we will give a clinical delineation of the cases of hyperthermia considered to be neurogenic, followed by illustrative cases, a pathological and physiological analysis and a discussion of differential diagnosis and treatment. This clinical study was carried out from 1933 to 1938. CLINICAL PICTURE. Downloaded from at Infovell on November 21, 2010 The clinical picture is dramatic. Most striking is the rapid rise of rectal temperature, the relative warmth of the trunk and the icy dryness of the extremities. Venous blotching often appears in non-dependent portions of the
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