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Human Rights Law Review 6:1 ß Published by Oxford University Press [2006]. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email: doi:10.1093/hrlr/ngi030 ............................................................................... T. Allen, Property and the Human Rights Act 1998 (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2005, xxx þ 325 pp.) J. Almqvist, Human Rights, Culture and the Rule of Law (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2005, xiii þ 242 pp.) P. Alston (ed.), Non-State Actors and Human Rights (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2005, ix þ 387 pp.) P. Alston and M. Robinson (eds), Human Rights and Development:Towards Mutual Reinforcement (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2005, xix þ 551 pp.) F. Banda,Women, Law and Human Rights: An African Perspective (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2005, xlv þ 407 pp.) E. Barendt, Freedom of Speech, 2nd edn (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2005, xxxviii þ 526 pp.) G. de Burca and B. de Witte (eds), Social Rights in Europe (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2005, x þ 421 pp.) H. Duffy, The ‘War on Terror’ and the Framework of International Law (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge/New York, 2005, li þ 488 pp.) W. Barth Eide and U. Kracht (eds), Food and Human Rights in Development: Volume 1çLegal and Institutional Dimensions and Selected Topics (Intersentia, Antwerp/Oxford, 2005, xvii þ 528
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