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Electroacupuncture A Practical Manual and Resource

Medical Acupuncture , Volume 20 (2) – Jun 1, 2008


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Electroacupuncture A Practical Manual and Resource


Book Review Electroacupuncture A Practical Manual and Resource Edited by David F. Mayor Churchill Livingstone 352 pages; $89 ISBN-10: 0443063699 ISBN-13: 978-0443063695 Reviewed by Allen McDaniels, MD D AVID MAYOR’S ELECTROACUPUNCTURE: A Practical Manual and Resource, is not for the faint-hearted. This exhaustive volume requires considerable Fire to melt the hard alloy between the book’s covers into its essential minerals. Don your best Tai Yin Metallic helmet, grab your Shao Yin blow torch, and blaze forth. This monumental work densely packs more information than you might want to know about electroacupuncture (EA), loosely defined in the book as “All procedures based on measurements or therapy derived from Chinese acupuncture, using modern electronics.” Then there is the accompanying CD-ROM with even more detail than the book. But Mayor, the principal author and editor, provides some helpful hints about how to negotiate the material: Although the book can be read cover to cover (yawn), or consulted as a reference work [which I recommend], and provides quite enough information to permit safe and effective treatment of many conditions [which can be looked up in the clinical subchapters], it can also be used as a portal to the CD-ROM resource [for those
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