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Two different one-dimensional structural motifs in catena-{Cu(tacn)}2Pd(CN)4Br2.catena-Cu(tacn)Pd(CN)42.H2O (tacn is 1,4,7-triazacyclononane)

Two different one-dimensional structural motifs in catena-{Cu(tacn)}2Pd(CN)4Br2.catena-Cu(tacn)Pd(CN)42.H2O (tacn is 1,4,7-triazacyclononane)


The title compound, catena-polybis(triazacyclononane-3N,N',N'')copper(II)-di--cyanido-4N:C-palladate(II)-di--cyanido-4C:N dibromide bis(triazacyclononane-3N,N',N'')copper(II)--cyanido-2N:C-dicyanidopalladate(II)--cyanido-2C:N monohydrate, {Cu2Pd(CN)4(C6H15N3)2Br2.Cu2Pd2(CN)8(C6H15N3)2.H2O}n, (I), was isolated from an aqueous solution containing tacn.3HBr (tacn is 1,4,7-triazacyclononane), Cu2+ and tetracyanidopalladate(2-) anions. The crystal structure of (I) is essentially ionic and built up of 2,2-electroneutral chains, viz. Cu(tacn)(NC)-Pd(CN)2-(CN)-, positively charged 2,4-ribbons exhibiting the composition {Cu(tacn)(NC)2-Pd(CN)2-Cu(tacn)2n+}n, bromide anions and one disordered water molecule of crystallization. The O atom of the water molecule occupies two unique crystallographic positions, one on a centre of symmetry, which is half occupied, and the other in a general position with one-quarter occupancy. One of the tacn ligands also exhibits disorder. The formation of two different types of one-dimensional structural motif within the same structure is a unique feature of this compound.
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