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Structure de sulfate de vanadyle-acide sulfurique (2:1)


International Union of Crystallography
Copyright (c) 1981 International Union of Crystallography
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Structure de sulfate de vanadyle-acide sulfurique (2:1)


<h2>Acta Crystallographica Section B</h2><h3>Structural Crystallography and Crystal Chemistry</h3><h3>0567-7408</h3> <h2>research papers</h2> Volume 37 Part 11 Pages 1978-1982 November 1981 <h2>Structure de sulfate de vanadyle-acide sulfurique (2:1)</h2> M. Tachez and F. Théobald Acta Cryst. (1981). B37, 1978-1982 Structure de Sulfate de Vanadyle-Acide Sulfurique (2 : 1) PAR M. TACHEZ ET F. THI~OBALD Laboratoire de Chimie-Physique, Facultd des Sciences et des Techniques, 32 rue Mdgevand, 25030 Besangon CEDEX, France (Regu le 1 l juin 1980, aeceptd le 7 avril 1981) Abstract The structure of 2VOSO4. H2SO4 has been determined by single-crystal X-ray techniques. The compound crystallizes in the tetragonal system, space group P42/mnm, with cell parameters a = 8.971 (3), c = 15.594 (2) A, Z = 4, V= 1254.99 Aa, dm= 2.18, dx= 2.24 Mg m-3. R = 0.077 for 340 independent reflexions. VO6 octahedra are linked by monodentate SO4 tetrahedra to form polymeric [VOSO4]o~ layers 0567-7408/81/111978-05501.00 which are joined together by sulphuric acid molecules. Ladwig's hypothesis [Ladwig (1969), Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 364, 225-240] concerning a-VOSO4.H20 is confirmed. He suggested an ordered insertion of the water molecules between the layers. Introduction Lorsqu'on chauffe ~ 363 K une solution d'acide sulfurique concentr~e (contenant 80% d'acide sulfuri- © 1981 International Union
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