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-Oxo-bis{bis2,2'-bi(1H-imidazole-N3)oxorhenium(V)} tetrachloride hexahydrate


International Union of Crystallography
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-Oxo-bis{bis2,2'-bi(1H-imidazole-N3)oxorhenium(V)} tetrachloride hexahydrate


<h2>Acta Crystallographica Section C</h2><h3>Crystal Structure Communications</h3><h3>0108-2701</h3> <h2>metal-organic compounds</h2> Volume 55 Part 4 Pages 517-521 April 1999 <h2> -Oxo-bis{bis[2,2'-bi(1 H -imidazole- N 3 )]oxorhenium(V)} tetrachloride hexahydrate</h2> S. Bélanger and A. L. Beauchamp Acta Cryst. (1999). C55, 517-521 /z-Oxo-bis{bis[2,2'-bi(1H-imidazole-N3)]- oxorhenium(V)} tetrachloride hexahydrate SUZANNE BELANGER AND ANDRI~ L. BEAUCHAMP D~partement de Chimie, Universit~ de Montrdal, CP 6128, Succ. Centre-ville, Montrgal, Qudbec, Canada H3C 3J7. E-mail: (Received 29 June 1998; accepted 17November 1998) Abstract The basic structural unit of the title compound, [{ReO(C6H6Na)2}20]C14.6H20, consists of a linear [Re203(biimidazole)4]4+ cation whose ~Re--O-- Re=O backbone lies on a twofold rotation axis. Octa- hedral coordination about each Re centre is completed by two chelating biimidazole ligands perpendicular to the backbone. Three CI- anions are hydrogen bonded to the coordinated biimidazole ligands via N--H---C1 bonds. The fourth anion is disordered over two posi- tions and is connected to the rest of the structure via a chain of crystallization water molecules. Comment The structure resolution of the title compound, (I), raised considerable difficulties. The orthorhombic Laue symmetry and reflection conditions (hkl, h + k = 2n; Okl, I = 2n; hOl, I = 2n) were compatible with space groups Ccc2 (No. 37) and Cccm (No. 66).
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