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Dynamical theory of crystal lattices by M. Born and K. Huang


International Union of Crystallography
Copyright (c) 1970 International Union of Crystallography
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Dynamical theory of crystal lattices by M. Born and K. Huang


<h2>Acta Crystallographica Section A</h2><h3>Crystal Physics, Diffraction, Theoretical and General Crystallography</h3><h3>0567-7394</h3> <h2>book reviews</h2> Volume 26 Part 6 Page 702 November 1970 <h2> Dynamical theory of crystal lattices by M. Born and K. Huang</h2> J. A. D. Matthew 702 BOOK REVIEWS Dynamical theory of crystal lattices. ByMAx BORN and KEN HUANG. Pp. xii + 420. Oxford University Press, 1968. Price 35 s. Lattice dynamics has progressed a long way since Born and Huang's book was originally published in 1954. A paper- back version, scarcely differing from the first edition, is now available. Though there is no discussion of neutron and X-ray scattering, and though the experimental information on elastic, thermodynamic and optical properties is now very dated, the book remains as a classic account of the quantum mechanical foundation of lattice dynamics. It is still an important supplementary text for all serious schol- ars of the theory of the solid state. With this edition priced so reasonably many former library borrowers might con- sider investing in a personal copy. J. A. D. MATTHEW Department of Physics University of York Heslington York YO1 5DD England }
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