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International Union of Crystallography
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<h2>Acta Crystallographica Section B</h2><h3>Structural Crystallography and Crystal Chemistry</h3><h3>0567-7408</h3> <h2>short structural papers</h2> Volume 31 Part 8 Pages 2168-2170 August 1975 <h2>1-Methyl-4'-methoxy-3,5-diiododiphenylamine</h2> V. Cody and R. Mukherjee 2168 SHORT STRUCTURAL PAPERS Acta Cryst. (1975). B31, 2168 1-Methyl-4'-methoxy-3,5-diiododiphenylamine* BY VIVIAN CODY Medical Foundation of Buffalo, 73 High Street, Buffalo, New York 14203, U.S.A. AND R. MUKHERJEE]" Department of Chemistry, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Trindade, S.C., Brazil, 88,000 (Received 20 January 1975; accepted 19 March 1975) Abstract. C14HlaONI2, m.p. 125°C, monoclinic, P2Jc, a--9.247 (3), b=6.292 (2), c=25.42 (4)A, fl=94.6 (4)°, Z=4, M.W. 464.8, Dx=2.1, Din=2"0 g cm-a, R= 7.0 %. The conformation of this molecule is similar to that of numerous thyroid hormones and their analogs. The diphenylamine conformation is defined by the torsional angles ~[C(3)-C(4)-N(4)-C(1')]= 89° and ~b'[C(4)-N(4)-C(I')-C(6')] = 27°. Introduction. A 0.08 x 0.4 x 0-9 mm crystal was used to measure the lattice parameters and intensities. The data showed systematic absences of k = 2n + 1 for 0k0, and l=2n+ 1 for hOl indicating the space group P21/c, and the cell constants were determined by least-squares analysis of the angular settings of 15 reflections [at 20°C; 2(Mo K~)=0.7091 A]. The intensities of 4651 reflections (3384 reflections
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