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Stories I Tell My Patients

Eating Disorders , Volume 16 (1): 100-102 – Jan 1, 2008


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Eating Disorders - Anorexia - Adult
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Stories I Tell My Patients


DO DO A DO—DON'T DO A DON'T Kim needed help. She couldn't stop counting the calories in every food she ate. She couldn't stop counting fat grams on every label in the supermarket. “This is nuts,” she said. “Don't do this. Stop it! I won't do this silly counting any more. Don't do it.” To reinforce her decision she said, “Don't count, don't count, don't count,” every time she ate, every time she shopped. For some strange reason, she not only kept counting calories and fat grams, she started to count the number of steps from the bus to her school, and the number of seconds the light stayed red when her mother drove her to soccer practice. She counted the number of stars in the sky . . . well, not quite, but everything seemed to need counting. Kim was determined to stop counting. Every time she said, “Don't count,” she added a pull on her ponytail. She slapped her hand when she reached for a label to count the fat grams. Exhausted and discouraged, she remembered her Wise Woman Counselor, Mey-Yan, had said to come back to her if things got tough. She called and found
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